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Health can be managed – take control

Health is not ‘incidental’ – it is the outcome of the way we live our lives, what we eat, how much we travel, our genetic predispositions and many other factors. And yet very few of us positively manage our health in the same way we might our businesses, our public lives, our families or our prosperity.

A ‘one size fits all’ approach to health, preventative medicine and the assessment of health just does not work: we can share the same birthday, be brought up and educated in the same way, eat the same food and undertake the same exercise programme and yet the impact upon our health can be very different. Health is individual – specifically.

Most of us have reason to be concerned by one or more health related issues most days of the week. Looking in the mirror, most of us are harbouring a desire to resolve niggling issues which we feel are impacting our lifestyle, our confidence, our business performance or some other impact of our daily lives. At times, one or more of these issues become major illnesses but because of the multi-factorial nature of our bodies it can be difficult to find a resolution. Health can be managed and we can feel in control through understanding and on-going guidance. We summarise this philosophy as Health Managed – Life Optimised.

Viavi’s philosophy is to place us, as complex individuals, in control of our Health, so we fully understand what impacts our sense of wellness or illness and to provide us with the knowledge and guidance to feel in control again. In addition, we provide a fully managed service that ensures a continuity of care right through from initial diagnosis through to achieving the best possible resolution. We call this our Private Client Health Management Services.

Why is this service not “normally” available?

Viavi challenges the way we understand and manage our health. Traditionally, health professionals and health assessment providers take a very linear approach to health management and diagnosis – seeking out a straight line link between symptom and cause. In reality, most of us are presented with multiple characteristics at any one time: leading to a general or specifically prioritised sense of un-wellness. Viavi uses root cause analysis, multiple trained medical opinions, access to world leading clinicians and a highly individualised understanding of your work or lifestyle to define a route to manage your health forward, positively. It is possible to be in control of your health.

To understand more about our specific services, please click to visit our Private Client Health Management Services page, call +44 (0)20 7486 1346 or email Health@Viavi.com.

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Digging deeper:

An international financier, with significant cardio-vascular risk, was seemingly in control of matters. Under a cardiologist, he was exercising well and carefully managing his cholesterol levels and other risk factors.

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It's never too late:

Viavi was retained in a health advocacy capacity for a middle aged gentleman with terminal cancer. Following a full case review, it was determined that everything was being done that could be done to manage the disease.

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Never taking No for an answer:

A teenager suffered a head injury during a sports accident. From being a grade A student, he began not to cope, suffered from memory loss and poor concentration, and lost his sense of smell. His personality changed from being positive and vivacious to being apathetic..

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