About Viavi - London Centre, Global Reach


Global reach from our London centre

Viavi’s centre of medical excellence is located in the Harley Street area of London, UK. Discrete, beautifully appointed facilities combine with the latest in medical technology to allow the finest in service and care.

Harley Street has the single greatest concentration of medical expertise of anywhere in the world, to which Viavi has ready access. But we also work with the leading clinical specialists and facilities internationally, and embrace the very latest in medical science wherever it originates, to underpin the ultimate in health management for our clients.

Although based in London, our services have genuine international reach. Our team regularly travel to our clients’ homes to provide advice and support. We also facilitate and manage bespoke requirements such as clinical support whilst travelling, clinical or health practitioners for the home, or for a clinical expert to visit to provide a specific treatment.

Global Advisory Services

In addition, Viavi’s expertise is often called upon in an advisory capacity for organisations or family trusts, or to speak to corporate or national leadership groups on positive health management. If you would like to access these services, please email Health@viavi.com or call +44 (0)20 7486 1346.

Helping wherever

A middle aged lady from the Ukraine with a chronic, disabling condition was travelling to the US for a cataract operation.

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It’s never too late to help:

Viavi was retained in a health advocacy capacity for a middle aged gentleman with terminal cancer. Following a full case review, it was determined that everything was being done that could be done to manage the disease.

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Deep root cause:

A gentleman from the middle-east was flown with his personal physician to the UK suffering with severe psychosis related problems attributed to sustained alcohol misuse. Viavi was retained to manage the case on arrival.

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