Viavi Academy

A pioneering and innovative training academy providing the expertise to deliver the personalised lifestyle coaching services of the future.

People of all ages are increasingly seeking effective, personalised lifestyle coaching to help proactively manage their health and performance. With the application of the latest medical science, and the insights of contemporary assessments and technologies, the precision and outcomes of such programmes have never been better. To meet these needs, Viavi believes that fitness and aligned professionals should, and can, play a much more important role in delivering the deeper, more professional coaching services of the future.

The Viavi Academy is a pioneering and innovative concept that recognises the requirement for greater skills and expertise to bridge the gap between the fitness and clinical areas. It has been specially created to provide a range of industry leading clinical skill and wellbeing training courses for personal trainers and allied fitness professionals who wish to upgrade significantly their professional capabilities and boost their fee earning capacity.

The courses, have been developed and are delivered personally by the world-leading clinical experts in preventive healthcare and personal health management at Viavi, and underpinned by their extensive operational experience of working at a senior executive and consultancy capacity within the fitness industry.

To enquire about the Viavi Academy and its courses, please call 020 7486 1346