Viavi Academy - Managing stress resilience and recovery

Managing stress resilience and recovery

A new, ground-breaking course on stress management coaching for personal trainers and fitness instructors to upgrade significantly professional skills and boost potential earnings.

This new and unique two day course, delivered by world-leading clinical experts, has been specially created for REPs level 3 personal trainers and fitness professionals who want to upgrade significantly their professional skills to be able to help manage their clients stress resilience and recovery. It also provides a unique opportunity to generate additional fees through the delivery of investigations and testing exclusive to successful graduates of the course.

The course provides:

  • An understanding of the link between stress and disease, covering the physiology of the acute and more importantly the chronic stress response, the role of the autonomic nervous system and hormonal system in stress.
  • Practical teaching to enable the objective measurement of stress resilience and the provision of the most effective personalised lifestyle coaching for improved resilience.
  • Subsequent access to world-leading technologies and laboratories for providing tests, subject to successful course completion and annual re-accreditation.


The course takes place in central London over two days, with a maximum number of eight attendees to ensure a highly personal teaching approach. Acceptance on the course will be by a pre-qualification on-line assessment and with a minimum qualification of REP’s level 3 personal trainer or fitness instructor.

The course includes:

  • Detailed understanding of the stress/performance relationship, the flight or fight response, modern day stress, the functioning of the autonomic nervous system and the role of the HPA axis (hormones) in stress support
  • A deeper understanding of sleep and the influence of exercise, recovery and stimulants
  • The use of heart rate variability and cortisol hormone testing in measuring the resilience to stress and the practical skills to deliver the relevant objective measurements
  • The ability to objectively measure the effectiveness of any training session
  • How to better personalise lifestyle coaching to help ensure a positive outcome and improve stress resilience
  • Understanding clinical boundaries and referral criteria
  • Identifying ‘Red Flags’ and referral pathways into affiliated medical professionals.

The course will conclude with a written exam and practical skills observed assessment. Annual on-line re-accreditation for continued use of the laboratory is offered.

Subject to successful completion of the course, each attendee will benefit from:

  1. The provision within the course fee of the leading First Beat Body Guard technology (normally priced at £220) to enable the accurate measurement of heart rate variability of their client’s.
  2. The professional credentials to access and utilise the Genova Diagnostics laboratory to enable the measurement of adrenal hormone levels (cortisol and DHEA) on clients through saliva testing.


The fee for the two day course is £1,300, excluding overnight accommodation. Failure to pass the course will result in one further opportunity to retake the exam within the initial fee. The fee for annual re-accreditation is £50

Advice will be provided on appropriate pricing that attendees can subsequently charge their clients for heart rate variability and hormone testing to generate attractive margins.

To enquire further about the course and the dates it will be held please call 020 7486 1346