Services - Health Evaluations and Health Optimisation

A world-leading health evaluation and health optimisation programme

You have reached that moment when your health comes to the fore. There might be some health issues or concerns that you want addressing, you might want to do all you can to protect your future health and maintain those energy and performance levels you need to meet your demanding lifestyle, or you might want to embrace the latest medical thinking to manage the ageing process, helping you live as long as possible, looking good and enjoying the best possible quality of life well into old age. Whatever the reason, you now want to take control, to have peace of mind that you have the support and knowledge to help you achieve your life ambitions.

The service is carefully crafted around the individual needs of each client. It starts with a quite remarkable health assessment. Delivered by a handpicked multi-disciplinary team of top clinicians, it includes technologies and investigations far beyond what anyone else is doing. This provides an unusually detailed and unique insight into your health, and the basis on which to establish and agree the particular priorities for you going forward. Following this a proactive health management plan will be designed, agreed and implemented, recognising any practical limitations of your lifestyle. Your personal clinical team then supports you over the next year, helping you to achieve your objectives, monitor progress, and helping you resolve any health issues or concerns that might arise.

The first stage is an initial detailed interview with a senior general physician, either face to face or over the telephone, immediately followed by a first range of tests. The findings from these will also help shape the next stages of the programme. The samples taken are couriered to chosen laboratories throughout the world, selected for their specific expertise. If you are located internationally, all the samples will be taken locally.


The second stage is a full day of consultations, investigations and assessments at Viavi’s centre in London. This is typically undertaken three to four weeks after the initial interview, but there is flexibility on timing if necessary. The day is entirely tailored to your particular needs, with most investigations and clinical consultations delivered within Viavi’s facility. The doctors come to you.

At the end of this day all results are analysed and interpreted for you. Priorities and an action plan are discussed and agreed.

Your personal health manager is then available for you over the next twelve months. They are there at the end of the telephone or email to monitor progress and to support you in any way possible. We might organise some repeat tests after a period of time to see how things are going. You are also welcome to come in and see us.

If any health issues do arise over this twelve month period, the clinical team are there for you to help manage the problem and seek the best possible outcome as speedily as possible. Where necessary, we will facilitate access to the leading clinicians and facilities internationally.

Getting under the skin of things:

A CEO, mid-forties, was seeking to lose some weight. A personal trainer was retained and various diets tried, but with no success. He was also feeling tired, which was put down as the normal stresses of work.

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Never taking No for an answer:

A teenager suffered a head injury during a sports accident. From being a grade A student, he began not to cope, suffered from memory loss and poor concentration, and lost his sense of smell. His personality changed from being positive and vivacious to being apathetic.

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Deep root cause analysis:

An international financier, with significant cardio-vascular risk, was seemingly in control of matters. Under a cardiologist, he was exercising well and carefully managing his cholesterol levels and other risk factors.

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