My job as a CEO of a large bank brings all the accompanying stress post the financial crisis. I also have to travel constantly. With the onset of age and the frenetic pace of change that we all have to contend with, this situation was placing strains on my health. I knew I needed help and to act quickly. But until I found Viavi I didn’t believe I could I get this all in one place and other than in the form of generic advice. Instead Viavi designed a complete and bespoke health enhancement programme. Covering nutrition and exercise and chemical rebalance my physique has totally changed. I’m not only fitter but also healthier and therefore more alert and energetic. I can cope with my workload so much better now. Equally important is that my own time is also quality time with family and friends.
Andy Stevens, Group Chief Executive Officer,, The Commercial Bank of Qatar
Since joining Viavi I am confident that I am receiving the very best health management possible. The Viavi team have tailored the healthcare and service they provide so that it is specific to my individual needs and supported me to adopt a much healthier way of living. If any problems do arise with my health, I can totally rely on their expertise, the quality of consultants they use and their strategic in depth approach to resolve them. Viavi has changed my life and given me the control when it comes to mine and my family’s health
Jacqueline Gold, CEO of Ann Summers & Knickerbox
Dr Donnai is highly experienced and one of the best doctor advisors. Viavi is a unique company which offers such service. One must invest in health and Dr Donnai can tell you everything going on inside your body and also future risks. I also got the package for my wife.
Bilal Sethi, President Visigma Group, Pakistan
The nature of my job means that I work long hours, eat at irregular times and have a fair amount of stress. Viavi offer me a level of comfort, not only do they monitor my health and detect existing or potential issues but they guide me in the management of my health according to my lifestyle. I have a thorough annual health check but throughout the year I know that I can pick up the phone and speak to the team if I have any worries at all. Trust and continuity is very important to me as it obviously is to Viavi.
Marcus Wareing, Chef and Restaurateur
My experience with Viavi has been an extremely pleasing one. The staff are knowledgeable, professional, welcoming and Dr. Donnai has an innate understanding of my needs without my having to say much.
Mrs. Seinye Lulu-Briggs, Executive Vice Chairman, Moni Pulo Limited, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Viavi is truly a world-class service – a smart, engaging and highly dedicated team took care to deeply analyse and develop practical lifestyle solutions for me. In the highly specialised world of medicine today, they are a fantastic guiding beacon to have and a rare find.
Mark Sorour, Group CIO (Head of M&A), Naspers Limited, Cape Town
Viavi is part of my family and has become my security blanket
Princess Alia Al Tabbaa, Aman, Jordan
I am a massive fan of Viavi-great friendly people with not only an incredibly thorough 21st century medical which provides immense re-assurance but also the 24/7 availability of advice, contacts and referrals on all things medical. I would not be without it.
Ian Richardson, solicitor and CEO, Optivi Group, London
My very thorough medical check- up with Viavi revealed both threats and opportunities to my health that would otherwise have not been found or much later. Because of that I am able to optimize my health to improve my quality of life with a challenging life style.
Rob Thielen, Chairman, Waterland Private Equity Investments, The Netherlands