Who is Viavi for?


You’re in control of your world but are you in control of your health…?

During the busiest and most successful period in your life, when so many things are competing for your attention and you have so much still to achieve, good health is not discretionary – it is essential.

Viavi’s exclusive range of private client health management services are there to help you take full control of your health, to ensure that all of your health requirements are met; to help you understand your health and your unique needs way beyond anything you have experienced before. Viavi will always be there for you, pulling things together, resolving complex health issues, reducing future risks and helping you make the most of your life.

Viavi has developed an enviable reputation. Our clients tend to be leaders of nations, and their families, or senior figures in business. Whilst Viavi is based in the Harley Street district of London our clients are often international by nature from across Europe, Middle East and The Gulf, Africa and India.

Whether it’s specific medical issues which you cannot seem to resolve, a worry about aging, genetic predispositions toward certain diseases, or nagging doubts about your performance, weight management or energy levels, Viavi provide world leading diagnostics and the utter personalisation to reach the root cause. No stone is left unturned and we ensure you not only reach a full diagnosis, but that you are supported and guided through to the best possible resolution.